Meditation and mindfulness

Last year, we hosted Tsultrim Datso on our show. She is a Buddhist contemplative who works in the local community on a number of initiatives, all of which focus on mindfulness and many of which are for personal and community sustainability. Tsutrim and the Open Meditation Society at Penn State invite you to some mindfulness and meditation events.
Introduction to Meditation, Nov. 9 at 5-6 pm and Dec 7 at 5:30-6:30 pm , Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, Room 212, University Park campus. Offered by the Open Meditation (OM) Society, www.clubs.psu.edu/up/om, 919-928-2604.

Day-long Meditation Retreat at the Civil Engineering Lodge in Stone Valley
November 19, 2011

Meditation can be a valuable practice for personal growth and transformation, stress relief, life enhancement, and social evolution. This day-long retreat is offered by the Penn State Open Meditation Society in order to support individuals who are interested in integrating mindfulness into their daily lives. Practicing meditation together allows us to share our experiences, learn from each other, and benefit from one another’s efforts.

This day-long retreat will include periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, and mindful movement activities including yoga. We will be having community meals for lunch and dinner. The retreat is also designed for individuals who are interested in learning more about what meditation is and how to practice and will include instruction and guidance.

The retreat will be held at Penn State’s Civil Engineering Lodge in scenic Stone Valley. Cost: $35 for community members, $20 for students and seniors. However, scholarships are available and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For more information and for registration, please visit our website at:
http://www.clubs.psu.edu/up/om/. Or call Tsultrim at (919) 928-2604 or Norrine at (814) 360-1236.

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