Occupy Penn State's Teach-ins

A lot of people thought that Occupy Wall Street would be a flash in the pan. It took a couple of weeks but the message stuck and people have been occupying Wall Street for about six weeks. In the meantime, the Occupy movement has spread to every major city in the United States, to divestments from corporations doing dirty business and from banks investing in practices the movement feels are undermining people everywhere, and finally occupying the hallowed halls of colleges and universities everywhere.

That includes Penn State. To go with the thrust of the Occupy movement in general and the spirit of Paulo Freire in education, the students Occupying Penn State (Facebook group), have organized teach-ins. If you want to link into the group, join their Facebook group above (they also have a Tumblr account), or visit them any time at the HUB on University Park campus.

I have to say that Sam Richards is one hell of a teacher. The opportunity to see him speak outside of class will be well worth it. We also know Eric Hayot who is also a really interesting thinker and speaker. Sustainability Now's Peter Buckland will also be leading a discussion this Thursday, Nov. 3 at 6 pm: "Education as the Assembly Line to Obsolescence or a Garden for Regeneration."

Occupy everything some might say.

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