Citizens Marcellus Shale Commission releasing report

Last month, we hosted Carol Rubley, the co-chair of the Citizen's Marcellus Shale Commission on our show. "The Citizens Marcellus Shale Commission was formed by eight leading civic and environmental organizations to give Pennsylvania citizens a place to speak out and recommend action on Marcellus gas drilling. The groups nominated citizens to serve on the Commission. The Commission held five hearings (in Western Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Williamsport, Towanda and Harrisburg) during August and September, receiving testimony from Pennsylvanians and national experts. About 100 Pennsylvanians submitted written comments to the Commission online."

Unlike Governor Corbett's commission, the citizen's panel was designed from the get go include input from citizen's organizations and public health and was established to create parity for social, environmental, and economic concerns. As former co-commissioner Rubley told us, there is a lot to be concerned about.

The Citizen's Commission will release a final report and recommendations at 11:30 on Monday October 24th in the Capitol Rotunda. The report will be released at a Capitol press conference in Harrisburg. Members of the Commission will also discuss the report and take questions during a statewide media conference call.

SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS: Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Clean Water Action, Keystone Progress, League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Penn Environment, Sierra Club, Pennsylvania Chapter, and the CLEAR Coalition.

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