Penn State's Strategic Plan & Sustainability

This just in from Penn State's Office of Sustainability:
What would a sustainable Penn State look like to you? This is the key question to an ambitious sustainability strategic planning effort that was kicked off this fall with all the University’s top leadership—and the guidance of some of the world’s leading sustainable businesses. Town hall meetings and various other forums are being planned now to gather input. For more information, and to contribute, visit: http://www.green.psu.edu/SustPlan/default.asp
What do you think Penn State needs to do?

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  1. As sustainability increasingly becomes more important to the world economy, there is a strong necessity for universities such as Penn State to develop strategic plans to better prepare students for the future. It is good to see that sustainable measures are being considered at Penn State and I hope that many universities follow suit. To help prepare for its sustainable plan, Penn State is working with Everblue Training Institute, to provide green training and to share ideas. To learn more about how Penn State and Everblue are working together, visit http://www.everblue.edu/blog/penn-state-strategic-plan-development.