Food Safety Modernization Act passes

Yesterday, November 30, the Food Safety Modernization Act (S.510) passed the Senate, 73-25. This was a pretty big victory for local, sustainable, organic growers sellers. Bryan Snyder of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture writes :
But consider this . . . just a couple years ago, no one anywhere would have guessed that we, along with our partners across the country, could have the impact we did. Even a couple weeks ago the Tester-Hagan provisions looked very much in doubt. What we have going for us now, however, is a very credible and genuine movement of people who believe strongly in building and preserving more locally-based and sustainable food systems for all to enjoy.
The bill now waits a vote in the House. The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition reports:

The bill still faces the hurdle of final House action. Top House Democrats have agreed to consider passing the Senate version to avoid lengthy reconciliation negotiations that would prevent the bill from becoming law and force the next Congress to start the entire process from scratch.

NSAC issued a press release following the Senate vote urging speedy House action to approve the Senate bill and send it on to the President for his signature.

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