Songs of Hope, Despair, Retribution, or Inspiration

People identify with music. We identify with each other through music. We identify what's important in the world out there with music. It's my favorite art form.

You probably have those songs, bands, composers, or performers that take you into the heights, drown you in the depths, or fill your soul in ways words fail to describe. So why not share them with us?

Over on our Facebook page (Join us!) we have a music thread up. "What songs rile you up or inspire you? Respond & post titles for our mid-show breaks. If it's your music, all the better." So share with us and spread some feeling either in the comments below or on the FB page or tweet it to us at SustainNowRadio.

Me (Peter)? I've been listening to Fishbone's "Change." I'm usually an apocalyptic metal fan but I love this song. 12-string song of hope.

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