The Logic of Transition and Resilience

Last year, we talked to Katherine Watt and Bill Sharp of the State College Transition Town movement. They discussed the intertwining problems of climate change and peak oil in an oil-dependent society and economy. For some people, this is frightening and paralyzing. For others, it opens up new possibilities.

Enter Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition Towns movement who sees a new design to society and economy and culture based on moving past oil and living with climate change. Essentially, it's a new and positive vision that is transitional, adaptive, cooperative, and most importantly resilient. He does not think that high technology is going to save us. There is no techno-messiah. Essentially, he thinks that these are "solutions where they are" that is sensitive "to place, where they are" and "a process that is joyful."

Below is his TEDTalk.

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