Can we measure happiness?

On today's show we are going to explore happiness. What is it? Can it be measured? Even more, can we develop an understanding of happiness that can steer our society, culture, economy, politics, and our educational systems? In the last few years, the nation of Bhutan has adopted Gross National Happiness as its indicator of human well-being instead of Gross Domestic Product. Even British Prime Minister, the leader of the Conservative Party, has indicated that he is interested in moving Britain toward happiness.

Is this just nutty thinking? Or does it have the possibility of moving human civilization in better directions? Is it puppy dog tails, bubble gum, and the idea that we can fuel cars on children's laughter or something deeper than that? Can we "get stuff done" with happiness?

On today's show, we'll be talking about happiness and Gross Domestic Happiness with Cole Hons of Penn State's Center for Sustainability and Karma Thinley, the senior program officer for the Department of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education in Bhutan and visiting Humphrey Scholar in Penn State's College of Education.

Listen in from 4-5 pm today at The Lion 90.7 fm. As always, feel free to call at (814) 865-9577in or leave comments below.

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