Drilling responsibly?

That question drove today's show. Barb Jarmoska of the Responsible Drilling Alliance came on the show today. They are a group that "Seeking truth about the consequences of deep shale gas drilling." Jarmoska walked us through numerous problems that Pennsylvanians face when it comes to the shale gas drilling. It ranges from the well-known damage in our state forests to the migration of gas into roughly 70 wells in Bradford County and the corporatization of the state government.

What's to be done? Get involved with RDA and other groups. Give a listen here and feel free to leave comments below.

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  1. If there's one thing anybody can learn from the tea party it's that a grass-roots movement can succeed. Barb's little coffee klatsch is sprouting up all over PA like a flush of button mushrooms after a summer rain.

    I believe that it truly is part of our cultural ethic here in the good 'ol USA to respect the property of others, including that of the commonwealth. And I believe in respect for Nature, as did William Penn. Groups like the Alliance give me hope. We've got to fight the power!