What should the press be doing about climate change?

We have now had three shows on climate change. We've talked legislation and climate change denial with Ed Perry of the National Wildlife Federation, the ethics of climate change with Don Brown of the Rock Ethics Institute and former Clinton ambassador for the environment, and now the science and ramifications of climate change with Richard Alley of the IPCC and Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. We are some small press for the biggest issue facing us today.

This show's co-host, Peter Buckland, has a piece in Voices of Central Pennsylvania on what the press needs to do about climate change. In his article, "Climate change puts us all in danger," Peter argues that the press needs to press people making climate policy on our duties and responsibilities to other people, especially people in Sub-Saharan Africa, Bangledesh, the Maldives, and Arctic indigenous populations. Without question, the United States has adversely affected those people's economies, societies, and ecosystems. We should be responsible for this and our press should be holding them accountable.

Read the article here.

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