Organic and sustainable agriculture? What are these things?

In the last few years a few books and movies have come out that have brought the unsustainability of the American food system into sharp focus. These have included Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma, Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and Peter Singer's and James Mason's The Way We Eat. And even wider audiences have been reached by films like Supersize Me, The Future of Food, and the 2008 hit Food, Inc. All of these got us to look at issues related the American industrial food system and its health effects, its effects differently regarding justice and income, and the ecologically unsustainable path we have been placed on.

But what could be sustainable agriculture? And what is this thing called "organic?" Is it as simple as just "Buy fresh. Buy local."? How can our farms and our eating be sustainable and organic? What do farmers need to do to get through it all to get certified organic on their labels? Our guests will help us sort through the noise.

Bryan Snyder is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, a state organization to promote economically, communally, and environmentally sustainable farming and agricultural processes. Likely, if you've been to your local farmer's market, you've shopped with and bought from a PASA member.

Kyla Smith is an inspector for Pennsylvania Certified Organic which
"assure[s] the integrity of organic agricultural products through education, inspection, and certification of growers, processors and handlers." She spoke to us as an inspector, not as a representative of PCO as a whole.

Listen to the show to hear about sustainable agriculture, organic, our roles as consumers and producers, education, and how we can get involved. Every Friday 4-5 pm on The Lion 90.7.

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