A Class to Change Life and Living

A General Education Science Course That Just Might Change Your Life!

If you are thinking that a Gen-Ed Natural Science Course on the Environment will be boring and irrelevant to your life and your major, you probably have not heard about BiSci 3! This course is taught by one of Penn State's most renowned teaching faculty, Chris Uhl*.

What BiSci 3 Will Do for You:

-It will invite you to think about your relationship to yourself and to

Earth in exciting new ways.

-It will allow you to explore the course teachings, independently, via

stimulating readings and field studies.

-It will offer you ways of directly experiencing the course content via

weekly small-group explorations.

-It will free you from the hassle of TESTS because there are none!

-It will—via an amazing collection of videos—challenge your beliefs while

also pointing to astounding possibilities.

-It will fill you with questions that may take a lifetime to answer.

Here is what past students say about BiSci 03:

“BISCI 03 challenged, inspired, and enriched me. It was much more than a class; it was an experience that helped me to better understand myself and my place in the midst of all the rush and pressure of college life.” -E. Hernandez, Journalism

“Instead of a hum-drum science class that you take for a Gen-Ed, I got an extremely personal curriculum, a teacher who was passionate, and a class that changed my life.”

-S. Asper, Political Science

“BISCI 03 helped me see the world—and the challenges we all face—in an entirely different light. I left class feeling as if one hundred new doors of opportunity had been opened for me.”

–M. Kirkpatrick, Elementary Education

“I was constantly stimulated by the unique style and content of this class. By taking a course that created a clear link between self-understanding and the condition of the world today I was challenged to think deeply about the meaning and purpose of my life.”

-H. Carney, DUS

Check out BiSci 3 website at http://www.personal.psu.edu/cfu1


*Chris Uhl is on Peter Buckland's dissertation committee and was a guest on Sustainability Now in the fall of 2010.

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