The End of Economic Growth?

If you listen, read, or watch national or global news, you know that "economic growth" is very important. Have you stopped to wonder why? And what's the problem with no end to growth?

Below, we include a piece from Richard Heinberg, author of The End of Growth.

"Money and debt require natural resources...It's a pyramid scheme." But will it continue? How will we experience the limits Heinberg discusses?

Tune in to today's show at 4 pm when we talk to Asher Miller, executive director of the Post Carbon Institute where Heinberg is a fellow. We'll be discussing this topic and many others PCI covers. As always, feel free to call in: (814) 865-9577.

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    real good interview, too. thanks guys. keep up the great work!

    ps - we're gonna do a better job of helping to promote your show in 2012 from the center for sustainability, side. it's time for the shift to hit the fan!!!!