New Jersey puts moratorium on fracking

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New Jersey lawmakers took action on a package of bills aimed at halting the practice of hydraulic fracturing, a controversial process that produces natural gas by injecting large volumes of water into wells dug in Marcellus Shale formations.

In adopting a bill (A-3653) that would impose a moratorium in New Jersey on the practice, also known as "fracking," the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee stopped short of a total ban on the drilling technology that many environmentalists had sought. The committee also passed a resolution urging Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York (although it already has a moratorium in place) to halt the practice.

The move to stop fracking in New Jersey is more symbolic than substantive, since no drilling for natural gas is occurring here. But the legislative action is indicative of the increasingly contentious nature of the practice, the subject of several front-page articles in The New York Times. Foes say the practice could contaminate the Delaware River, the source of drinking water for 15 million people in the region.

Can Pennsylvania listen?


  1. Ohio has to be added to the list of states that should listen.

  2. Jana. I agree. Considering how much of the Utica Shale is under Ohio, it will face a technologically more difficult, dangerous, and large form of hydraulic fracturing because it is deposited about 10,000' beneath the surface. Sadly, that "development" is coming.

  3. Ohio has a nuclear plant located on a fault line in Perry Ohio They still plan to have fracking along the same fault lines, even after Japan. The experts say there is no danger just as the experts said in Japan. We could never have an earthquake greater than 6.5 to which the plant is built to sustain.

  4. Hey Anonymous, do you know anything about fracking in Perry County? Because we're organizing to stop it, and would love your help.