Conservation and sustainability at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

Since we were little kids, Mike and I have been going to Shaver's Creek Environmental Center, one of the finest centers of environmental education in the United States. Every year, over 100,000 children, parents, and college students go to Shaver's Creek to walk a boardwalk over a wetland, to breathe in the air of natural and experimental forest, witness the diversity of wildlife from raptors (see video below) to snakes, go to Outdoor School or Orion, or attend the Maple Harvest Festival (this weekend!).

For some, it is their first acquaintance with environmental education and it can awaken them to the beauty and awe of the natural world. Peter remembers seeing his first copperheads and black rat snakes there. A boy's first encounter with snakes is never forgotten.

On today's show, we are fortunate to talk with Mark McLaughlin, director of Shaver's Creek. Mark will talk to us about the role of conservation, outdoor, and environmental education in sustainability. We'll discuss Shaver's Creek's mission and purpose, its history, its programs, and its future.

What if teaching went wild? What if instead of No Child Left Behind we went to No Child Left Inside? Can we be conservationists in our own backyards? What can we do to be the best people we can be where we live?

As one of Shaver's Creek's workers notes in the video below, "There's no line separating us. We are all a part of this world. Shaver's Creek is a way to show that." So tune in today, Friday March 26th at 4 pm on the Lion 90.7.

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