Welcome to Sustainability Now Radio


This is a new radio show on the Lion 90.7 fm (www.thelion.fm) that will air on Fridays from 4 to 5 PM that focuses on sustainabiliy in our community. This is a hot topic, as we all need to examine how we can live better for less.....

Our first show is coming up Friday afternoon 6/12, and I am PUMPED! Kevin Gombotz from Matson Environmental (www.matsonenviro.com) is going to share some of the really cool stuff that he has been doing helping people to be more energy efficient. Recently an energy audit at Whitehall Township building identified $25,000 in improvments that would save them $19,000 a year....that's an awesome turnaround on investment. Can't wait to get the details.

Additionally, I just talked with Jen Shuey at Clearwater Conservancy, and she will be coming on the show June, 19th. More details to follow on that.

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